Monday, March 25, 2013

Klein Haus Happenings

So much has happened since my last post on here! 

Our chicks arrived:

Some of the chicks in the box they were shipped in.

We enjoyed a busy but fun spring break:

We added to our garden, and sampled a preview of our bounty:
Bub thoroughly enjoyed every bit of that tiny radish--leaves and all! And he'll typically turn down a store-bought radish, so that is a big deal!

My dad finished our cabinet doors, and they were installed!

We had a {semi-successful} yard sale, and enjoyed the company of family and some dear friends.

Apparently bunny breeding has begun...
Munchkin, one of our bucks, enjoying a relaxing afternoon  out of his cage.
 {He then proceeded to dig a couple holes in Sissy's garden, suspending bunny free-time in the yard.}

Spring is in full swing, as evidenced by possibly my worst seasonal allergy attack ever. That also means that Lily, our pregnant doe is getting ready to kid.

Sweet Mama

And our chicks (now 2 weeks old) are getting their big girl feathers!

I'll be back tomorrow with our meals for the week and the meatloaf recipe. Now it's time to buckle down and get back into the school mindset after our 10-day break. Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. So excited for your chicks
    Baby bunnies are the bomb!
    I have horrid allergies also and have not had any since I have been doing the master cleanse ( lemon juice, cayenne and maple syrup) every couple of days!
    Hope that helps!